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Thunderfunk Bass Amps are direct descendents of the legendary AMP BH-420, improved, and handmade in the U.S.A. With an all-aluminum chassis, the TFB800-B2 weighs in at only 21 pounds that's 9.5 kilograms. Quieter than other amps, with two great sounding DI's, it's perfect for Studio or TV use.

The Thunderfunk's tone is achieved by using high quality film caps in the preamp's signal chain. just like a high quality mixing board. Twenty-five times more expensive than electrolytics used in other amps, film cap's ability to not change value with frequency maintains better phase coherence throughout the amp, producing a focused punch unlike any other. You get a round, focused bottom that doesn't roll around the stage but instead projects into the room.

Add two to three times the filter caps of other amps, and you get lower distortion at the bottom frequencies. We purposely don't use toroid transformers as we've found they don't sound as good as the old-fashioned "EI" iron. And to reduce hum, we add a "hum-bucking" wire across the transformer to inject hum into the preamp's ground cancelling the radiated hum achieving an amp quieter than an equivalent toroid powered amp.

With our unique "SS/Tube Switch" you'll be able to choose from a super clean solid-state tone for slap and double bass playing, to a gutty, warm, tube-tone for all the rest.

"The SS/Tube Switch"

"The Switch" came about in September, 2003 when I spent some soundcheck time with LeAnn Rimes' bassist, Victor, and brought two Thunderfunk amps with me. We AB'd these two amps along with his EBS system. I had made a change to my design that I wanted to test, and the result was that the amp sounded more like the EBS... more "HiFi" and to my ears more "sterile." I decided I liked my original tone better, but then I thought, "Why not just put in a switch?" "The Switch" changes between the original High Voltage power supply that feeds the power amp, and a separate Low Voltage power supply that gives a more hifi tone. It is subtle. It's not some dramatic tone shaping circuit. It's a change in response and texture.

The more sensitive your touch, and the louder you're playing (as the effect is more pronounced when the High Voltage power supply is sagging more), the more you'll hear the difference. It's NOT a two channel amp. It's NOT intended to be changed mid-song as it's not silent. It's just another option to setup the amp for use with different instruments and styles. The Switch is not a tone shifter. In the "tube" position there's more upper mid-range honk." - Dave Funk.



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